Same-sex couple adoption legislation passed Victorian parliament yesterday, after the government accepted an upper house amendment allowing exemptions for faith-based adoption providers.

FamilyVoice Victoria director Peter Stevens condemned the bill, saying the Andrews government were placing the wants of adults ahead of the rights of children.

“This legislation will remove two key safeguards for children – stability and an optimal parenting environment,” he said.

“Male and female parents offer different but complementary and important nurturing roles. Social policy must be guided by the best interests of children, who ideally need role models of both sexes.”

Mr Stevens called for respect for staff at faith-based organisations who work tirelessly to benefit the community.

“Labor has promised to remove all discrimination in Victoria,” he said. “But to remove exemptions is blatant discrimination against faith-based groups.

“I congratulate the upper house MPs who resisted Labor’s rush to trample religious freedom.”
FamilyVoice Victoria director Peter Stevens