Hydro Tasmania’s announcement that it will restart the Tamar Valley Power Station completely undermines the credibility of Matthew Groom as Energy Minister.

Just last week Matthew Groom repeated his view that the asset should be sold, but now it has been revealed that it will be cheaper to run than importing power over Bass Strait at times of peak demand.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said Mr Groom’s pig-headed approach to energy policy had been exposed.

“Mr Groom likes to pretend he is the smartest bloke in Tasmania when it comes to energy but he has been made to look like a fool,” Mr Green said.

Tasmanian water storages are down to 26 per cent, and Hydro has revealed Basslink is importing at full capacity.

Only last week it was revealed in The Examiner that Hydro Tasmania re-hired 12 sacked workers at the power station within just a few months.

“It is an absurd waste of taxpayers’ money to pay out redundancies – at a cost of some $750,000 – only to rehire workers through a recruitment agency to restart the power station.

“Matthew Groom is the responsible minister and the buck stops with him,” Mr Green said.

“He needs to face up to reality before his arrogant approach does more damage to Tasmania’s energy businesses and their reputations.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader