An important rock shelter of great cultural and spiritual meaning to the Tasmanian Aboriginal people has been handed over to the Aboriginal Land Council.

Situated in the Derwent Valley, nirmena nala is a rock shelter that’s about 1,871 m2, dating back thousands of years.

Discussions for the return of nirmena nala first began between Hydro Tasmania and the ALCT in 2013, and this year we have progressed and finalised the return.

As Minister for Aboriginal Affairs I was very pleased to formally declare nirmena nala to be Aboriginal land under the Aboriginal Lands Act and return such a significant site to the Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

It is also fitting that this transfer occurs on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the first land returns to Aboriginal Tasmanians.

As a Government we are committed to resetting our relationship with the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, and I will be making an announcement about the way forward in coming weeks.

Over the past year I have consulted extensively with the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, both organisations and individuals, to understand the issues that are most important for the community.

A number of issues have been raised and a number of opportunities identified to consider as we forge this new relationship.
Will Hodgman, Premier Minister for Aboriginal Affairs