Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has described the Liberal Defence Minister’s decision to knock out Tasmania’s bid to build Australia’s Pacific Patrol Boats because it was “irrevocably non-compliant” is a deep insult to our home-grown maritime industry and workers.

“I was warned the fix was in – and it comes just after the Liberals tried to kill off all the jobs of local Maritime workers and replace them with cheap overseas labour, with so-called, “shipping law reform.” said Senator Lambie.

“Tasmania’s ship builder “Incat” has a long and proud history of not only building outstanding commercial vessels for use all over the world – but for decades has also built and delivered, world’s best high speed ships to the United State’s Military and the Australian Navy.

Tasmania’s Incat, and Germany’s world ship building giant ThyssenKrupp ($2.5B plus sales volume) together, have the proven reputations, experience and technical know-how to easily build and supply the Pacific Patrol Boat order – while providing best value for money for the Australian taxpayer.

The decision by the Turnbull government to knock out Tasmania’s ship building bid proves that every Tasmanian member of the Liberal party are simply benchwarmers and have no real influence in their own party room. What’s the point of having a Liberal member of Parliament or the Senate “inside the government’s tent” if they are asleep?

Prime Minister Turnbull and his Liberals (with this decision) have been caught out again, taking Tasmanians’ political support for granted. The only way for Tasmania to get a fair share of the federal defence building contracts – is to vote in independents who will put their state first – before a corrupt political party process.” said Senator Lambie.

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