Labor is calling for the NBN to be delivered to the West Coast utilising TasNetworks’ existing infrastructure.

Bryan Green today hosted a meeting in Queenstown about the importance of NBN for the West Coast.

TasNetworks told Government Business Enterprise hearings earlier this month that its existing optic fibre infrastructure could be used to deliver the NBN.

CEO Lance Balcombe told the hearing: “There has been some considerations in our business about the west coast and NBN. We think it is achievable, but ultimately, that is not our decision. That is a decision by NBN Co. I think the focus with NBN Co on the west coast is, they are trying to do that via satellite. That is my recollection. If we were asked to, we could facilitate that, but that is not our decision.”

“The opportunity is there, but the State and Federal Liberal Governments need to show leadership to make it happen,” Mr Green said.

“The West Coast was promised a full optic fibre rollout of the NBN and the Liberals should stop making excuses and honour that commitment.

“Satellite technology is inadequate, inequitable and impractical.

“Reliable broadband is not a luxury – without it the West Coast will lose jobs and have little hope of creating new ones.

“Brett Whiteley has basically told the West Coast to ‘suck it and see’ when it comes to the satellite technology.

“That’s a pathetic lack of leadership from someone whose party promised fibre to the premises NBN right across Tasmania.

“Now the Liberals are creating a patchwork of technologies across the state, creating an uneven playing field.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader