Tasmania’s South East will grow jobs in the region and its reputation as a gourmet food-bowl of Tasmania with the official opening of the South East Irrigation Scheme today.

The project is a major job boon for the region, creating 80 jobs during the construction phase and a massive 220 direct and 110 indirect to be supported now that the tap is turned on.

All up 61 farmers from Tea Tree to Orielton to Forcett can access up to 6,000 ML of water a year over summer and winter delivery periods to meet the demands of their world-class produce including cherries, apples, wine grapes and walnuts.

This means that some of Tasmania’s biggest names in agriculture including Houstons Farms, Stonecrest Cherries and S Smith and Son, who provide for Yalumba and Janz labels, can invest and create jobs because they have peace of mind in reliable water.

Irrigation is strengthening our regional communities and creating jobs on farms an in our country towns, just like those tapping into the South East Irrigation Scheme from today.

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to our long-term Plan for supporting economic growth and creating jobs, and that is exactly what the South East Irrigation Scheme will do.

This $33.5 million scheme is a true partnership between Government and farmers, with $20.3 million in Federal funding, $5.1 million from the Tasmanian Government and an $8.1 million investment by farmers.

This is a great example of the success we can expect from the additional five proposed Tranche Two schemes that are being progressed with $30 million from the Tasmanian Government, which was matched by farmers, and the Federal Government’s commitment of $60 million.

Delivering highly reliable irrigation across the state is a key part of AgriVision 2050, our Plan to achieve a tenfold increase in the value of our agricultural sector by 2050.

The surrounding communities will have the added benefit in its firefighting capabilities, with the addition of roadside points to enable easy access for fire trucks. Tasmanian Irrigation and the Tasmanian Fire Services has struck an agreement to supply water through three strategically located emergency water points across the irrigation districts.
Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Primary Industries and Water