The increase in the unemployment rate is a warning against the hands-off approach of the Liberal Government.

The Government is happy to celebrate good news but they have been completely missing in action as jobs are lost across the economy.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said job losses at Caterpillar, Cadbury, Bradken, delays in reopening the Mt Lyell Mine, cuts to health workers and missed opportunities in defence manufacturing had all occurred under the Liberals’ watch.

“Today’s increase in the unemployment rate should be a wake-up call to government,” Mr Bacon said.

“What’s the Government doing to actively support displaced workers transition into a new job?

“What’s the Government doing to pave the way for new industries in the way Labor actively supported dairy and aquaculture?

“Yesterday we saw the release of a report that called for leadership from Government to tackle Tasmania’s fundamental challenges and yet not one Minister bothered to show up.”
Scott Bacon MP Shadow Treasurer