Michael Ferguson’s announcement to cut 80 jobs from health has left workforce representatives wondering how it will be achieved.

Shadow Health Minister Rebecca White said Michael Ferguson told budget estimates earlier this year that a business case analysis had identified what level of savings could be achieved by moving to a single THS.

“He also clearly stated that he had investigated what level of duplication existed and that he had identified $21 million in efficiencies that could be achieved over four years.

“This appears to contradict statements from the union representing workers who say there has been no detail provided about how efficiencies will be made with the decision to cut 80 jobs.

“Unions today met with the Department and were provided with no evidence of where duplication had been identified or what positions would need to go as part of the decision to cut 80 jobs.”

Michael Ferguson told budget estimates that staff reductions, “will be handled in the appropriate way, with the proper consultation, providing and looking after people properly,” however according to unions this has not happened.”

The ANMF put out a statement stating that the, “ANMF have today demanded a full consultation process commence regarding any proposed new operational structure of the THS.”

“In addition to this there is still no CEO appointed to the THS despite four people being interviewed for the position on September 25,” Ms White said.
Rebecca White MP Shadow Health Minister