Dump the Toxic Dump and Toxic Dump No Way! signs on the Arthur Highway certainly speak to Southern Waste Solutions (SWS), the local councils, the State Government and tourists.

A Southern Beaches Conservation Society (SBCS), spokesperson said, “it’s the only way to draw attention to the woeful state of affairs regarding the SWS attempt to secure Tasmanian Government funding for the toxic waste C cell they are intent on foisting on the rate payers of the southern Tasmanian Councils.”

By now SWS should have got the message that there are very sexy alternatives to dumping any waste in the ground. This is especially so with regard to the low hydro dams and bringing coal fired power from interstate. Now is the time to aim for a waste to energy plant that would serve Tasmania well into the future.

SBCS requests that SWS and State Government take a step back, really engage and start to think of alternative ways of dealing with waste. Putting, not only toxic – hazardous waste – but all waste into the ground is not viable. If the C cell goes ahead it will seal Tasmanian’s future regarding waste for the next 10 – 20 years and leave us far behind other states with sustainable waste management.
Angela Marsh, Southern Beaches Conservation Society, Dump the Toxic Dump