Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding made sure the week of Government Business Enterprise hearings got off to a bumbling start.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said Mr Hidding merely provided ornamental value as he relied on chairs and CEOs to answer detailed questions.

“It’s clear Minister Hidding is not across the workings of the GBEs he’s in charge of,” Mr Green said.

“He didn’t know the dividend policy of MAIB and it was revealed he wasn’t consulted over the change.

“He said road safety funding had increased when in fact it has decreased.

“He didn’t know whether TasRail was operating under a letter of comfort.

“He admitted he hadn’t seen the current Shareholder Members’ Letter of Expectations for TasRail.

“He demonstrated his ignorance when it comes to the electric transport technology currently available.

“And he happily shared his willingness to sell public assets if the price is right.”
Bryan Green MP Labor Leader