The National Union of Students is disappointed in the Federal Labor opposition’s decision today to buddy up with Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal’s to increase barriers to higher education.

President Rose Steele said “converting scholarship programmes into loans is out of step with Labor’s stated ambition of increasing accessibility in higher education.

Students are demanding an explanation as to why Labor have back flipped from introducing Start-up scholarships while in Government to supporting their abolition while in opposition

This proposal will only increase student debt and push the burden further on to the most vulnerable students.”

“NUS will not support any measure which increases barriers to higher education.” Said Ms Steele

In the OECD Australians pay some of the highest fees but have one of the lowest rates of funding to higher education which came to all time low of 0.48% this year.

NUS calls on the Labor Party to advocate for more funding and support services, not less and to reconsider their position.

The Turnbull government and the Labor party are also looking to scrap the 10% discount incentive for students to pay upfront for their education.
Rose Steele National President