It seems appropriate that Rachel Costanzo bears a second name that means literally ‘constant’.

This young lady has been certainly constant with her musical success in the last few years with her singles ‘Blindside’ and ‘Starlight’ and about each of these releases we have spoken. Last week we chatted once again, this time about her new single ‘Miles Away’ on which she combined in writing and production, with the two Michaels (Michael Paynter & Michael Delorenzis) from the appropriately Msquared Productions.

Although Rachel tells me that she has not visited Tasmania yet she hopes to in the not too distant future, suggesting some gigs will be pencilled in very soon! Rachel is well experienced at gigs now and performs regularly at Soho, Southbank Melbourne. And although she is a fine pianist, Rachel forgoes piano playing at her gigs and instead has a backing guitarist.

Rachel talks about her launch on Friday August 7 at Soho Southbank, describing it as ‘amazing’ and including guests from the ‘X Factor’. Rachel says that shows such as ‘X Factor’ are a great platform for artists to gain notice and she doesn’t rule out auditioning for such a show.

Rachel’s new single ‘Miles away’, a ballad, is a change from her previous two pop singles. Rachel says the ballad allows her to ‘show off her vocals and melody’. The video was born of Rachel’s imagination with the concept and ideas all her own. It’s the story of two young people in love who spend special moments in a forest. On one of these occasions the boy of the couple waves his girlfriend goodbye. Rachel says the song and video are left open for interpretation but it is basically about losing someone, whether through a relationship ending or any other of a myriad of ways.

Since finishing school Rachel is a bit undecided about continuing her education right now deciding to have a gap year and see where music takes her and indeed it has taken her around the world already including Hollywood!

You can see Rachel’s video here
Paula Xiberras