For any organisation or person stating that working in the sex trade or brothels is about choice … think again … women fleeing Nepal after the earthquake disaster are the tip of the iceberg globally with many women seeking refuge in other countries from fear of gender/race/religion or economic persecution.

The horrors of sex trafficking will only be exacerbated with the effects of climate change on coastal communities along with ever increasing numbers of climate related disasters.

In countries like Australia, where many people are working to raise funds to help the people of Nepal in their current crisis, more thought needs to be given to the reality of of sex trafficking and how we can, in real terms, support these women in Nepal. NGOs such as Apne Aap in India will be one organisation that Nepalese women may well find themselves seeking help from:

In my opinion, the United Nations needs to do a quick about face on their neo-liberal position on prostitution and take a strong stand and back the European Union’s support of Nordic laws on prostitution. The same laws that Tom Meagher recently backed with the launch in Ireland of the [i]Prostitution – men don’t buy it[/i] campaign:

Quite simply put … if there is no prostitution market there will be a dramatic decline in sex trafficking globally and [i]all[/i] nations will be forced to develop policies on gender equity that ensure a [i]lasting peace and security for all women[/i].