Frack Free Tasmania is holding a public rally ‘Ban Fracking Now’ on parliament lawns this Saturday the 28th of February.

I hate fracking.

It poisons ground water. [1]

Should fracking be permanently banned in Tasmania, where it hasn’t quite happened yet?

The current Liberal government are most unlikely to ban fracking permanently and now have legislation that will make any protests against fracking on site or blocking access to fracking works, absolutely illegal and can land protestors in prison.

There is also a cloud over whether farmers and other land owners will be able to say “No” to fracking magnates who seek to frack their land. [2]

It would be a good thing to keep ground-water drinkable and all water fresh.

But how can an industrial momentum as powerful as fracking be stopped in Tasmania?

To engage in the fracking debate is to tackle big energy interests, which also includes coal and oil.

In my article ~ A Deeper Level of Denial ~ I examine history to show how there was an alternative big energy option on the table in the 1970s. [3]

The trouble was, that option would have removed the cream of the profits from fossil fuel, opened direct access to a virtually unlimited energy source and allowed humankind to create a global economy without poverty.

Carbon energy propaganda has sold the whole world on looking to the belly of the Earth as the only energy option in town.

If we simply fight fracking, we risk losing the fight, because of the power of the global fossil energy monopoly.

The fossil fuel monopoly has successfully crushed the solar energy alternative and even seen the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, singing the praises of coal. [4]

In 2010 Abbott famously declared ~ “We have to have a climate change policy because the people believe it’s a danger, but I believe it’s crap”. [5]

To deny the science of climate change is to deny science, making Australia look like the church of Rome in the age of Galileo, when the astronomer was placed under house arrest for speaking the truth as he saw it, that the Earth was orbiting the Sun.

Under Abbott science has been locked up, with no Federal science minister and massive cuts to scientific research.

The war on science from Abbott’s coal mines has also seen attacks on solar alternatives, as if power from coal is the only game on Earth.

Our world could have become quite a different place, using fossil fuel as a transition energy to reach to the power of the Sun.

In the 1970s it became possible to build solar power stations in space and bring that power to Earth for domestic and industrial use.

The Sun is an amazing energy source.

The Sun is now 35% hotter than at its birth 4.5 billion years ago and has so much fuel in reserve, it will burn fiercely over the next 5 billion years, getting steadily hotter, until expanding to the orbit of the Earth as a red giant star.

All fossil fuel on Earth is derived from a tiny micro percentage of the power of the Sun.

The real boon of space based solar power would be to launch industry beyond Earth, using the resources of near-Earth asteroids, the Moon and later Mars and the Asteroid Belt.

With an industrial presence in space, we would also be able to build this planet’s defences against killer asteroids, which could end our game just as completely as the dinosaurs.

The unbridled greed of the fossil fuel monopoly has left us all sitting ducks on Earth, brought on dangerous Earth changes and left us with a global economy that includes poverty and starvation.

By running blind with carbon energy propaganda, we are frog-marched into fracking.

Sadly, anyone who fails to consider the big energy alternative of the Sun, is trapped in chains and hooded by carbon energy propaganda.

To kill fracking, to kill the deadly trade in coal and oil, we must lift that hood off and see the Sun.

The key to a safe future on Earth, is to reach beyond Earth.

If we will not imagine this future, we are trapped in the fate of the dinosaurs.

And fracking will be our fate.

A fracking ban may be won in Tasmania, but fracking is not going away on this planet, as long as the fossil fuel monopoly controls the mind-set of human civilization.

We can invest in ground-based solar energy, with its efficiency increasing daily, but that will not help us build asteroid defence, or provide the level of energy needed to extract excess carbon from the biosphere to avoid really dangerous Earth changes.

We currently have no idea how bad Earth changes will get, or how soon.

With the energy of the Sun, extracted carbon could be processed into a useful resource for Earth and space industries and carbon is one amazing element.

It is not enough to say “No” to fracking, or it will simply keep coming back, if it goes away.

We must say “Yes” to the Sun, if we really wish to drive fracking away and make it stay away.

The question then is, how many Tasmanians will it take to say “No” to fracking and “Yes” to the Sun?

This is a global debate about the future of our Earth and the fate of Earth’s children.

What Tasmania decides now could shake the whole world.

Tasmania will not be safe, unless the whole world is shaken awake to the power of the Sun.

To fight fracking may seem like a single cause action, but to win the fight against fracking, is to change our world.

This could become our Eureka Stockade, opening a new chapter in the future of our Great Southern Land.


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Fracking fluid found in Gloucester groundwater

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Frack Free Tasmania is holding a public rally ‘Ban Fracking Now’ on parliament lawns this Saturday the 28th of February.