The latest EMRS Tasmanian voting intentions poll is mostly bad news for the Liberal Party. Their vote continues to slide. The only bight spot for them is that Will Hodgman is ranked as the preferred Premier by 50% while Bryan Green languishes at 22%.

The poll, of 1000 adult Tasmanians, was undertaken between 17th and 20th of November 2014.

EMRS states:

After excluding the undecided voters, support for both major parties has decreased since August 2014; the Liberal Party maintains the highest level of support but is down 4 points to 42% whilst the Labor
Party currently has the support of 31% of decided voters (down 2 points from August 2014).

The 42% level of support recorded for the Liberal Government is the equal lowest level of support they have received in EMRS quarterly polling since November 2010. Unlike the two major parties, support for the Greens has in
creased – up 3 points since the last poll (19%, compared to 16% in August 2014).

EMRS State Voting Intentions Poll

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