The Liberal Government is continuing to advocate for Tasmania’s interests in regards to the Renewable Energy Target Scheme (RET).

In contrast, today in Parliament David Llewellyn finally revealed the Tasmanian Labor Party’s long-awaited position on the RET. That position is higher power prices and less jobs through an increased target over and above the current target of 41,000 gigawatt hours, and no mention of exemptions for major industrials.

It is quite extraordinary that the Labor Party has become so anti-jobs that they are advocating for higher prices for all Tasmanian businesses, including our trade exposed major industrials.

Tasmanian businesses use Tasmanian renewable energy. The effect of a higher RET would be to increase their costs and risk losing the many thousands of Tasmanian jobs they provide.

The Commonwealth Government’s recently announced position on the RET is a good starting point for Tasmanian jobs because it took abolishing the RET off the table and exempts major industrials.

However, we want to see some further movement from their proposed ‘real 20 per cent’ target, and agreement from Federal Labor that Tasmania’s major industrials will be protected.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government has advocated successfully for the RET scheme to be continued and we continue to push for a full exemption for our major industrials, which provide thousands of jobs and operate predominantly on clean energy generated by Hydro Tasmania.

We now know that Tasmanian Labor has refused to back the full exemption, and have also refused to work constructively towards a bipartisan agreement by nominating a position which is not even on the agenda federally.

It is a great shame that Tasmanian Labor’s long awaited position on this issue is to increase power prices for Tasmanian businesses and fail to support a full exemption for our major industrials.
Matthew Groom, Minister for Energy