The Liberal Government is delivering on our commitment to reverse the Labor-Green lock-ups of the Arthur-Pieman area to recreational off-road vehicle drivers.

By Christmas this year, recreational off-road vehicle drivers will be able to access the full length of the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area from the Arthur River in the north to the Pieman River in the south.

In line with our election commitment, this reverses the former Labor-Green government’s decision to cut access to an area long enjoyed by Tasmanian families.

The reopening of a 90 kilometre route along the remote, spectacular and wild West Coast will deliver one of the truly great off-road experiences on offer in Australia.

The opening of the track south of Sandy Cape through to the Pieman River will also provide significant opportunities for traditional recreational users and potential commercial operators.

It will help the Liberal Government reach our target of attracting 1.5 million visitors to Tasmania every year by 2020, which the industry says would create 8,000 new jobs.

Our investment of $300,000 will ensure recreational off-road vehicle users will once again be able to enjoy one of Australia’s iconic off-road vehicle experiences, while the unique natural and cultural values in the Arthur-Pieman are appropriately managed and protected.

This decision is about striking a better balance between providing access to this area that the Tasmanian community has enjoyed for generations, while also ensuring that the globally significant Aboriginal cultural heritage values are protected.

The funding we are providing will facilitate the re-routing of some tracks to ensure natural and cultural values are protected.

Access to this remote area will be subject to a range of conditions aimed at protecting the environmental and cultural values of the area. Conditions will include obtaining a special permit, adherence to strict rules around driver behaviour, and access only during the non-winter months. For visitor safety and to assist with compliance, GPS vehicle tracking units will be trialled.

The Liberal Government is committed to facilitating sensible and appropriate access to our natural areas for all Tasmanians.
Adam Brooks, Liberal Member for Braddon