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Cheapflights.com.au leaves the light on: Spend the night in a lighthouse

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse. Photo by Eduardo M.C.

The International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend will be celebrated by lighthouse keepers all over the world on August 16th, but why should all of these guys have all the fun.

Flight search and comparison website, www.cheapflights.com.au has shone the light on lighthouses in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world and the best bit is that you can stay the night.

ENGLAND – Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head, East Sussex
Built in 1832, Belle Tout is one of the most famous lighthouses in England. It was owned by the BBC and featured in many TV productions including the James Bond movie The Living Daylights. Now fully renovated, the lighthouse boasts a stunning 360-degree view of the English Channel from its lantern room and has six themed bedrooms such as ‘The Captains Cabin’.

NEW ZEALAND – Island Bay, Wellington
Located 15 mins Wellington’s centre this lighthouse is a perfect base for walks on the beach or to the seal colony at Red Rocks.
For the ultimate in romance and solitude, you will have this small lighthouse with its ground floor kitchen, middle floor bedroom and top floor seating area with a balcony all to yourself.

AUSTRALIA – Sugarloaf Point Light House, Seal Rocks, New South Wales
Comprising of three beautifully restored lighthouse keepers’ cottages, Sugarloaf provides accommodation for groups between four and eight.
Located in a sleepy village of Seal Rocks, it is a perfect getaway for water-based activities: swimming, snorkelling, fishing and many others, as well as bush walking in the Myall Lakes National Park.

USA – Hecata Head Lighthouse, Yachacts, Oregon
This lighthouse stands midway up a 62m headland of a state park and shines the strongest light on the Oregon coast.

You can stay in one of six rooms in the lightkeeper’s cottage and benefit from the dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean or the lighthouse itself.

USA – Rose Island Lighthouse, Newport
This place is not your usual B&B but a working lighthouse so you can spend the night in the museum on a first floor or choose the ‘keeper’ option.

As a keeper you volunteer your time and are given some tasks to ensure the maintenance of the lighthouse runs in its usual order.

SOUTH AFRICA – Great Fish Point Lighthouse, Eastern Cape
One of South Africa’s smallest lighthouses and one of only four you can stay in, Great Fish Point is located close to Port Alfred on Eastern Cape and offers cottage accommodation for up to 12 people.

SCOTLAND – Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel, Kirkcolm
With five suites and six rooms, this small hotel based in a working 1815 lighthouse is a very unique and charming place to relax.

GERMANY – Roter Sand Lighthouse
Described as the ‘loneliest hotel in Germany’ and located 30 miles off the coast, this lighthouse might be better explored with a friend, unless a solitary escape is what you’re after

THE NETHERLANDS – Harlingen Lighthouse, Harlingen
The lighthouse is no longer used to guide ships through Harlingen docks but boasts a single suite for up to two people stretched over three floors.

Modern décor, fantastic views of the harbour and a private dining area in the Lantern Room make for a luxurious and unforgettable stay.

NORWAY – Molja Lighthouse, Ålesund
The contemporary interior of this lighthouse was designed by Snohetta, the company behind some well-known projects such as the Oslo Opera House and Ground Zero Museum in New York.

It is part of a boutique Hotel Brosundet and its most popular 47th room. The space is very cosy at 3 metres in diameter but the views more than make up for the lack of space.

CANADA – West Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island
At 21 metres tall, West Point Lighthouse is one of Prince Edward Island’s tallest lighthouses. Built in 1875, this lighthouse was manned until 1962 when the keeper retired.More than a decade later, the beautiful lighthouse was converted into an inn.
Keep an eye out for the famous ‘Phantom Ship’, rumour has it that it is best seen just before a storm rolls in.

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