The latest poker machine loss figures released by Treasury, reveal that Tasmanians lost the equivalent of an average annual salary of $53, 182 on each and every pokie machine in the state over the last financial year, Greens Gaming spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said today.

“The latest figures show that Tasmanians lost $14, 624, 255 in June this year alone. We know, however, that these losses are felt most acutely in areas of socio-economic disadvantage where gaming machines in pubs and clubs are concentrated,” Ms O’Connor said.

“The total lost by Tasmanians on poker machines over the 12 months of the last financial year is a staggering $190 million.”

“That’s a huge amount of food not going on to the family dinner table, warm clothes not being bought for school children, rent and other bills not being paid. The social cost of these enormous financial losses is felt most acutely by families who can least afford to lose. The impact on the children in the families of problem gamblers is profound and potentially life-long.”

“The average take of each of the state’s 3572 pokies is between $4, 000 to over $4, 800 per month. Over the last twelve months that totals to an annual take of $53, 182 per machine.”

“Research has confirmed repeatedly that pokies are the worst form of gambling for problem gamblers, and have the highest negative impact on those in our community who can least afford it.”

“Labor and Liberal governments have turned a blind eye for far too long to the real human cost that poker machines wreak upon Tasmanian families, individuals, and local businesses,”

“It is now well past time that the state’s casinos, which have the largest concentration of poker machines, also make a contribution of their profits to the Community Support Levy, just as local pubs and clubs with pokies are required to do.”

“”This blind addiction by the State to poker machine revenue off the back of disadvantaged Tasmanians, must be reined in,” Ms O’Connor said.

Electronic Gaming Machine Expenditure (Losses) 2013/2014
Month; Player Expenditure; Pokies; Take per machine (average)
Feb ’14 $14,513,074 3572 $4,063.01
Jun ’14 $14,624,255 3572 $4,094.14
Apr ’14 $15,070,179 3572 $4,218.98
Sep ’13 $15,508,225 3572 $4,341.61
Nov ’13 $15,689,629 3572 $4,392.39
May ’14 $15,897,574 3572 $4,450.61
Mar ’14 $15,955,792 3572 $4,466.91
Oct ’13 $15,995,872 3572 $4,478.13
Jan ’14 $16,105,936 3572 $4,508.94
Dec ’13 $16,117,106 3572 $4,512.07
July ’13 $17,060,350 3572 $4,776.13
Aug ’13 $17,429,699 3572 $4,879.53

Annual Total $189,967,691 Annual average amount lost per machine (over last financial year) $53,182

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Gaming spokesperson