TasWater has released a draft summary of its 2015-18 Price & Service Plan (PSP) for public consultation.

said that the release of a draft PSP gave customers and stakeholders an opportunity to have their say on pricing and service levels for the next three years ahead of a formal proposal being put to the Tasmanian Economic Regulator at the end of August.

“We are still in the position where many customers are paying above or below what they should be for water or sewerage services, due to the many different pricing regimes we inherited,” Mr Brewster said.

“During the next pricing period we are aiming to deal with this legacy issue by transitioning as many of our customers as possible to fairer and more equitable prices by 2018.

“We want to put our customers on a level playing field as soon as possible, and it’s very important for us to hear our customer’s views about our plan to do that.

“A critical part of the proposal is the need for us to collect sufficient revenue to address the significant compliance challenges we have ahead of us, while delivering water and sewerage infrastructure that operates to acceptable standards.”

The draft PSP proposes to continue transitioning customers statewide to single target prices for each service. Those target prices would continue to go up by 6 per cent each year, the same as in the current pricing period.

However, this means that TasWater’s revenue would only increase by 3.7 per cent, as customers paying above target prices would be paying less.

The Plan also proposes speeding up the process of decreasing prices for customers who are paying above target tariffs. For customers paying less than target tariffs, the current $50 per service maximum increase would be combined so they would only see a maximum increase on their bill of $100 per year.

The draft summary can be found online at www.taswater.com.au or a hard copy can be requested by mail by phoning 13 6992.

TasWater is seeking submissions on the draft PSP until 27 June, after which a final submission will be prepared for the Regulator. The Economic Regulator will then undertake an investigation and consultation process before approving the final price and service levels for the 2015-2018 period.

Submissions can be sent to ‘Price & Service Plan feedback, TasWater, GPO Box 1393, Hobart 7001’ or emailed to enquiries@taswater.com.au
TasWater CEO Mike Brewster