NBN Co has pulled the rug out from under the Liberal Party’s much vaunted NBN aerial trial.

The Liberals announced with fanfare last week that Glebe in Hobart and Riverside in Launceston were the trial sites for aerial deployment.

NBN Co Chief Operating Officer Greg Adcock exposed the Liberal deception under questioning from Labor Senator Anne Urquhart at Senate Estimates in Canberra.

Mr Adcock said the rollouts were part of a “usual deployment”, and were “business as usual” and not part of a special trial.

“Mr Adcock’s evidence reveals Michael Ferguson’s comments in Tasmanian Parliament this week were a complete nonsense,” Ms Ogilvie said.

“It has been made clear that the Fibre Servicing Area Modules (FSAM) in Glebe and Riverside were just a continuation of the standard roll out.

“It’s clear that beyond June 30 that promises made by Mr Ferguson on further NBN trials will be broken.”
Madeleine Ogilvie MP Shadow Minister for IT and Innovation