Scott Muller hasn’t been to Tasmania since he was a kid of 12 or 13, he can remember at that time exploring Port Arthur and of course visiting Cadbury and Cradle Mountain. Scott is keen on a return visit and that wish will soon be granted.

As part of The Ten Tenors exclusive capital cities tour Scott will be visiting Tassie again next month as a relatively new member of popular group. The Ten Tenors was formed by a group of mates studying at Queensland Conservatorium of Music, so as to earn extra beer money.

Scott explains to me what he believes to be the origin of the name. At the time Channel 10, were celebrating their ten year anniversary and with the number ten being so prominent, the idea of ‘The Ten Tenors’ was born.

Scott tells me that the group are now all on social media such as twitter and one of the things he really enjoys is the recruitment of new fans. Recently, when a television special of their music was scheduled to be telecast on television, a young girl said on social media she would give the show a go but didn’t expect to remain tuned in the whole show . Scott was very happy to hear later that the girl had been unable to drag herself away, and why not he says, as the band is made up of ten ‘strapping’ tuxedo wearing blokes!

The Ten Tenors music is an eclectic mix of classical rock crossover and this tour will showcase Broadway,It will include many classics of musical theatre such as ‘Phantom of ‘the Opera’, ‘West Side Story’ as well as some of the newest musicals like ‘Wicked’ and the beautiful song ‘Falling Slowly’ from one of the newest musicals ‘Once’.

The name Scott means ‘from Scotland’, or ‘wanderer’, so it seems fitting that before he joined the group Scott did a bit of searching or wandering in his quest to become a singer, finding himself in the UK or to be more precise, Scotland, singing in privately owned castles. Scott wandered again and sang at jazz conventions in Disneyland before finally finding his niche in Brisbane.

It’s not all travelling around the world singing for Scott, he keeps grounded by his other job of kindergarten teacher, where it matters not to the kids that Mr Muller is a big music star. Scott finds his musical expertise comes in useful in teaching his students about music.

You too can take a few lessons in music from Scott when he performs as part of ‘The Ten Tenors’ at Hobart’s Theatre Royal; Wednesday, 23rd July 2014, Thursday, 24th July 2014 and Friday, 25th July 2014.
Paula Xiberras