The Student Legal Service (SLS) will re-open its doors to all members of the community seeking legal advice on Tuesday 4March 2014. The Student Legal Service provides free, confidential legal advice and referrals to people who may otherwise be unable to consult a lawyer.

SLS is in its third year of operation as an advisory service. It is operated by senior law students and supervised by practising solicitors from the Tenant’s Union, Women’s Legal Service and the Environmental Defender’s Office.

President Aarthi Chrissie Anandan saysthe SLS is an important community service as it provides legal advice not just to students but also to the wider Tasmanian community.

“SLS provides free and confidential legal advice on common issues such as tenancy and workplace disputes to our clients. We also give law students a chance to gain some practical experience dealing with real clients while they are still at University.”

Mary Paterson and Pauline van Adrichem, practicing solicitors at Women’s Legal Service, supervise students in theSLS advice sessions. Ms Paterson and Ms van Adrichemrecognise the importance of SLS as it offers students a valuable opportunity.

“SLS has a lot more clients than it used to have. It has changed from a referral service to a service where the student has the opportunity to sit down with clients and meet real people,” says Ms van Adrichem.

Ms Paterson says shehas noticed the high demand for legal services in the community.

“The Women’s Legal Service phone advice line is always busy. It is good to have more services available that can assist people who need free legal advice.”

Ms Anandan says that she is excited for the re-opening of SLS as members of the community continued to show interest in the service even over the summer when SLS was closed.

“The rising cost of legal services means that many members of the community cannot afford legal advice.SLS plays an increasingly important role in providing access to legal advice in Hobart.”

To make an appointment, please call 6226 4781 or email
Christie Cox-Haines SLS Publicity Officer