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Planning commission needs reform

The Tasmanian Greens today renewed their push for reform of Tasmania’s Planning Commission (TPC).

Greens spokesperson for Planning Tim Morris said that under the current model there was a conflict of interest with the TPC being both architect of policy and the regulator.

Mr Morris said that Tasmanians would be better served if the TPC’s role as state planning regulator was retained and the function of setting planning policy was moved to a separate agency within the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

“Reforming Tasmania’s planning system would guarantee that there is integrity within the state planning system,” Mr Morris said.

“Currently we do not have enough integrity ; we have too much conflict of interest.”

“Additionally we would like to see a small unit within the TPC that provides advice to developers by interpreting all state and regional level components of the planning system.”

“This would save developers guessing the correct interpretation of planning laws and then losing time and money when the 42 day clock is stopped and they have delays because their applications do not comply.”

“The Tasmanian Greens believe that these changes would increase confidence in the state and boost investment.” said Mr. Morris.
Greens spokesperson for Planning Tim Morris

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