Natasha Cica
will facilitate a conversation with:

Jovan Jelovac, founder of Belgrade Design Week
Pippa Dickson, chair of Design Tasmania and CEO of Glenorchy Art + Sculpture Park
Ryk Goddard, actor and broadcaster

Thursday February 27 @ 6 pm

Dechaineux Theatre, Tasmanian College of the Arts, Hunter Street, Hobart

Everyone is welcome and entry is free of charge

Jovan Jelovac’s visit to Tasmania is assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts,
Liminal Studio and Belgrade Design Week.

About Jovan Jelovac

An architect by education, a designer by passion and a profession as one of the leading consultants for branding in Europe. Jelovac is a creative director and partner in Brand New World brand architects firm. He has carried out branding programs and campaigns for a range of high profile corporations, NGOs and governmental institutions in West and East Europe. Coming of age in the design world, young Jelovac was horrified to realize that his heroes – from Castiglioni and Bucky Fuller to Serge Gainsbourg and Ian Curtis – had all expired just before he could meet them, and learn from them, in person. Deeply traumatized, never to fully recover, he vowed to devote his life to ensuring that no equally curious mind, young or old, should suffer such tragic disappointment. To which end, Jelovac began tirelessly traversing the globe, tracking down the ‘The Greatest Creative Minds of the 21st CenturyTM’ and inviting them to participate in his innovative series of international design dialogues. From this Belgrade Design Week was born.

About Belgrade Design Week

Founded in 2005 as a non-profit NGO, Belgrade Design Week is the first festival of creative industries and modern business in Serbia and the South East European region; an area home to more than 100 million people, from Milan to Istanbul. Acting as central platform for the development of innovative ideas in Serbia and the region, it shapes the development of entire generations of professionals in the areas of communication and design. From its foundation in 2006, BDW has gathered leaders in the fields of branding, architecture, design, media, advertising, publishing, education and business, educating and providing a forum for the congregation of new global standards with a regional impetus. BDW is in mixed ownership by private corporate investors and NGO’s, with a transparent goal to reinvest all proceeds into the promotion of design and creativity. It is a nonprofit, educational, communicational, popular and professional manifestation – a medium and a promoter functioning in both directions – from local to global and vice versa. BDW is a place where global ideas and standards meet regional business and objectives. In 2014, Tasmanian-conceived project THINKtent will feature in BDW.

The visit is curated and produced by Natasha Cica and Pippa Dickson.
Natasha Cica and Pippa Dickson