By now you would have heard about the tragic events on Manus Island that left one dead and 77 injured.

Reza Berati, a 23 year old from Iran, lost his life in the most horrific way while under our care. It was in July last year that he made the perilous journey by boat to seek refuge in Australia and instead of finding safety, he endured a nightmare.

This Sunday, we can send a different message and shed a light on the unacceptable way we’re treating asylum seekers in our care.

Despite our Government’s best attempt to keep us in the dark, we’re going to light up the night. Australians will be gathering across the country, in homes, backyards, parks and churches to pay respects to those we’ve failed to protect and display the compassion and hope that we know Australians are capable of.

There are candlelight vigils planned in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Perth and Adelaide, and many more Australians will host their own vigils with family and friends right across the country.
Will you join us in lighting up the dark? All you need to bring is a candle if you have one (there will also be some there) and your compassion. See you on Sunday?

What: #LightTheDark candlelight vigil
Time: Sunday February 23rd. 8pm.
Location: Parliament Lawns
Bring: friends, a candle and compassion