The Australian Medical Association (AMA) Tasmania is calling on a commitment from all
political parties and politicians in the next parliament to implement a single funding model for
health care in Tasmania to ensure its future.

AMA Tasmania President Dr John Davis said a single health funding model, devoid of
political interference, was critical to the future of health care in Tasmania.

“AMA Tasmania is calling for an urgent redesign of the state’s health system, including
funding structures at both a state and federal level to provide a secure foundation for the
health sector in Tasmania,” Dr Davis said.

“If we continue with the health system in its current form, it will consume the entire State
Budget by 2025.

“We want to see one funding board tasked with all health funding in the state, made up of
academics, service providers and clinicians, rather than politicians.

“A single funding model will stop governments funding something just because it suits their
political agenda.

“The AMA does not have set ideas about how this single funding model might look and is
open to working with the new government to come up with a workable solution to ensure
better health outcomes for all Tasmanians.”

Dr Davis said a redesign of the system was urgently needed to stop the duplication of
services, continual cost shifting between governments, silo mentalities and political pork
barreling which continued to cause inefficiencies and poor outcomes

“As health care costs continue to rise, compounded by Tasmania’s ageing population and
increasing demand for more sophisticated care, we must work smarter to deliver high quality
care in a timely manner to our community,” he said.

“Working harder with less means we must coordinate how we spend our health dollars, and
having different funding sources spread across state and federal governments, as well as a
raft of other bodies in the middle, only results in money wasted.

“It’s a pivotal time for Tasmania’s health care system and unless action is taken right now to
fix our sick health system, including the removal of politics from health care funding, it’s only
going to get worse.”

For a copy of the AMA Tasmania 2014 State Election Priorities visit
AMA Tasmania President Dr John Davis