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Andrew Roberts – Independent for Bass


Dr Andrew Roberts, former Independent for Senate in the Federal 2013 campaign will
be standing as an Independent for the electorate of Bass in this coming March state

Declaring the truism “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve
always got”, Andrew is making a strong case that voters need to do something
differently to what they have done in the past to see real change.

“If you vote Labor, Green or Liberal, nothing will really change. These parties have
had successive turns of taking Tasmania backwards and further locking the state up. It
is time to vote for Independents and small grass roots parties that will represent the
people and ask the difficult questions that are needed to unlock the state”

Andrew is not afraid to start asking the difficult questions, and he fully endorses the
twelve point plan put forward by Tasmanians 4 Transparency for Honest Government
in Tasmania.

Andrew’s policies can be found on his website www.truegreen.info and he can be
contacted by email on truegreen.info@gmail.com.
Andrew Roberts – Independent for Bass

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