After recently taking over the Australian Greens whaling and fisheries portfolio, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson was pleased to meet with and show support for the Sea Shepherd in Hobart today.

“A 2010 UMR national poll of 1000 people showed 94 per cent of Australians opposed Japanese whaling and more than eight in 10 Australians said the Federal Government is not doing enough to prevent Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean.

“The new environment minister has expressed very strong views on the importance of Australia’s role in the Southern Ocean, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on whether his actions will match his rhetoric.

“It’s long been the Greens view that Australia needs to take a leadership role in ending whaling. It’s my hope that this new Government, with the will of the people, will take greater responsibility for ensuring the world knows what is happening in Antarctic waters.

“Last summer we saw the consequences of allowing Japan to operate without proper monitoring and scrutiny. The conduct of the Japanese fleet in Australia’s Antarctic territorial waters was deplorable, and included acts which threatened both human lives and the wildlife of the Southern Ocean environment.
Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson’s portfolios include Tourism, Trade, Small Business and Competition Policy, Waste and Tasmanian Marine issues.