The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, today highlighted a problem where customers have had their copper wire service disconnected, only to be left in limbo for weeks and months because NBN Co has not made the connection to fibre.

“This problem is quite apart from the delays due to asbestos pits,” Mr Wilkie said.

“The NBN is already in place but no one will connect it to the property. The situation would be remedied by the Federal Government intervening and directing Telstra to provide an interim service, and to that end I have today written to the Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, requesting his assistance.

“I know of one company which has had to run its business using a mobile phone and wireless internet, but the effect on sales without a land-line has been devastating. Remarkably, both the copper wire and fibre services are laid along the street, but neither are connected.

“It is ludicrous that customers are left without a land-line connection for no apparent good reason. It seems that once you agree to switch from the old copper wire service to the new NBN fibre network, you are at the mercy of NBN Co, or its contractors, connecting you.

“Common sense would say that connection should happen immediately, but it many cases it hasn’t and customers have been left with no service at all.

“I fully support the roll-out of the NBN but there clearly are teething problems. If NBN Co is not in a position to connect customers to its fibre network, then the copper service should be re-connected as an interim measure.”

Download copy of letter to Malcolm Turnbull: