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Union welcomes new Vodafone Centre

The union representing call centre workers welcomes the news that Vodafone is investing in its Australian workforce and has chosen Tasmania as the home of its call centre network.

A temporary home for 150 call centre workers is being opened in the Hobart CBD. A new purpose-built centre will open in June 2014 and employ up to 750 people by the end of next year, Vodafone says. This is in addition to it’s existing site at Huntingfield, near Kingston, on the outskirts of Hobart.

Community and Public Sector Union Tasmania Regional Secretary Paul Blake welcomed the announcement.

“It’s a vote of confidence in the Tasmanian workforce and we welcome Vodafone’s decision to back workers here,” Mr Blake said. “There is no doubt that having these new jobs will be a boost for many Hobart CBD businesses.”

“While other companies like Telstra have been sending jobs offshore by the thousands, it’s gratifying to see a company like Vodafone recognising that Australian consumers want to speak with someone who understands their needs.”

“It’s good to see that the federal and the state governments have honoured the pledges of support for Vodafone in Tasmania. We have been the union in Vodafone since it opened for business here 14 years ago and we look forward to working with Vodafone staff and management for years to come,” Mr Blake added.
Community and Public Sector Union Tasmania Regional Secretary Paul Blake

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