TAP Into A Better Tasmania spokesperson Tim Thorne today reminded any potential buyer of the Gunns proposed pulp mill concept that the economic, social and environmental case is totally unviable.

‘With Australian wages among the highest in the world, the pulp mill concept is more about saving face for the two major political parties than about providing an already plentiful commodity to a dwindling and distant market. Manufacturing is deserting Australia in droves and this is a situation the politicians have created themselves. In their desperation to save their own tax base they have written a permit that allows for the effluent dioxin contamination of Bass Strait,’ said Mr Thorne.

‘The 2007 Pulp Mill Assessment Act, with its pernicious “Section 11” has disenfranchised the entire Tamar Valley community, so there will be no social licence, therefore no Forest Stewardship Council certification, and so no customers,’ Thorne said.

‘Other issues surrounding the mill concept include the inadequacy of local feedstock supply, the huge burden on local government in upkeep of roads to cope with a log truckor a big chip-truck every two minutes, and the impact on domestic water supply from the Trevallyn Dam,’ Mr Thorne added, ‘not to mention the absurdity of a wood-fired power station next door to a mothballed LNG-fired one.’

‘This is not a realistic proposal but a fantasy dreamed-up by politicians who have never worked in a real business in their lives,’ concluded Thorne.
TAP Into A Better Tasmania spokesperson Tim Thorne