TasWater’s owner councils will consider a proposal made by the State Government to relieve the impact of headworks charges for developers by sharing $3 million in charges between State Government and local councils for the next two years.

Following a meeting today with Deputy Premier, Bryan Green, TasWater’s owner councils discussed the proposal in detail and how it aligns with the review currently being undertaken by TasWater into headworks pricing methodology.

The owners councils also noted the policy position of the Liberal Party is to provide $5 million over two years to fund the costs of headworks from consolidated funds.

TasWater owner council’s chief representative, Mayor Tony Foster, said that the owner councils are seeking information from TasWater before making a final decision.

“It is critical that as owners councils are fully informed by TasWater of any issues or risks relating to the implementation of either the Government’s proposal or the Opposition’s policy,” Mayor Foster said.

“We wish to have the preliminary outcomes of TasWater’s review of headworks pricing methodology and have asked that the review be expanded to include issues and risks associated with the Government’s proposal or the Opposition’s policy, and also the impact of extending the timeframe within which headworks have to be paid.”

“While owner councils are absolutely committed to ensuring that sustainable development is encouraged in Tasmania, as owners of TasWater, we are also required to ensure that the business manages all risks and remains financially sustainable,” Mayor Foster said
TasWater Owner Councils Chief Representative Mayor Tony Foster