New research conducted by RACT Insurance shows that over three quarters of Tasmanians
don’t trust other drivers when it comes to negotiating a roundabout.

RACT Insurance Chief Executive Officer Trent Sayers said approximately 83 per cent of
Tasmanians thought drivers across the State didn’t understand the road rules for roundabouts.

“Roundabouts are very common on Tasmanian roads and it’s worrying that such a high number
of people think other drivers can’t navigate them in accordance with the law,” Mr Sayers said.

“I think it has come down to a ‘lost in translation’ situation, as well as drivers becoming lax with
certain road rules.

“There are some straight-forward rules to navigating a single-lane roundabout, with the first
being, give way to all traffic on the roundabout.

“When navigating a roundabout, you will always need to use your indicator, regardless of which
exit you are taking.

“For example if you are taking the immediate left exit, you need to indicate left and if you are
taking the exit straight-ahead, you need to enter the roundabout and then indicate left as you

“If you travel more than half way around the roundabout, indicate to the right as you enter and
then left as you exit.”

Mr Sayers said the data also showed interesting trends when segmented by age as well as
gender, with younger people and males more likely to think other drivers did know the
roundabout rules.

“Our data showed people aged 18-29 were more likely to think people knew the roundabout
rules at 21 per cent, however, as the age ranges increased the perception decreased, with only
12-14 per cent of those aged 50 and over believing the same,” he said.

“Like the younger generation, males were more likely to think people understood the rules, at
20 per cent, while some 15 per cent of females thought the same.

“What this data shows is that a lot of Tasmanians are worried when approaching roundabouts,
which in essence should be a simple intersection to navigate.

“I would strongly urge anyone who doesn’t feel confident with their understanding of the
roundabout rules to refer to the Tasmanian Road Rules booklet found on the Department of
Infrastructure Energy and Resources website.”
RACT Insurance Chief Executive Officer Trent Sayers