The Property Council of Australia, Tasmania Division has welcomed the move by the State
Government to act on the issue of developer charges, recognising the impact it has been having on
jobs and investment in Tasmania.

Executive Director, Mary Massina, said when water and sewerage legislation was implemented in
2008, hidden in the detail was the introduction of developer charges for utilities.

“At the time we raised concerns that the move to introduce full cost recovery on developer charges
would have a negative impact on the economy,” Ms Massina said.

“While we welcome the move by State Government and potentially Local Government to address
utilities infrastructure charges, a cleaner and less red tape approach would have been to waive all
developer charges for at least a two year period.”

Ms Massina said the construction of infrastructure as part of any development, not only provides
the wider community essential assets, but also gives those providing the services to the new
developments, such as Aurora and TasWater, increased revenue streams which help grow their
bottom line.

“We look forward to discussing with State and local government the rollout of the package and
hope that all investors, whether they are mum and dad or large scale developers have access to this
assistance, to help kick start the Tasmanian economy,” Ms Massina said.
Mary Massina, The Property Council of Australia, Tasmania Division