The Wilderness Society today welcomed the release of the State Government’s 2020 Climate Change Strategy ( ) and its recognition that climate change is a critical issue to our future prosperity, here in Tasmania, nationally and globally.

Of particular note is the recognition of the climate benefits of protecting forests and the commendable target of ensuring the state is powered by 100% renewable energy by 2020.

“With climate change comes real threats to our environment, economy and the way of life of future generations and we welcome a genuine recognition of the problem and constructive plan for a strategic approach to address it,” said Vica Bayley spokesperson for the Wilderness Society.

“We support the Government’s re-commitment to address this massive threat and seize the opportunity effective steps can bring to our environment, economy and community.

“We welcome a greater focus on policy, research and laws to protect the Tasmanian environment from climate change as that environment not only underpins the survival of unique species, but it supports a great deal of our economy and identity.

“We also welcome the recognition of the economic and climate opportunities the new forest reserves created under the Tasmanian Forest Agreement present to Tasmania and its global contribution to climate change.

“While we note the target of 100% renewable by 2020 as a commendable example to set and something Tasmania can and should achieve, many Tasmanian’s will question the inconsistency with recent Government approvals for two new coal mines for export.
Vica Bayley Tasmanian Campaign Manager The Wilderness Society (Tasmania) Inc.