The Tasmanian Greens today noted that amendments to building regulations requiring costly council approval for new rooftop solar panels had been published in the Government Gazette today.

Greens Energy spokesperson Kim Booth MP said the official scrapping of the problematic regulations was a win for homeowners and the industry.

“This is welcome news for home-owners and the solar-industry alike, who joined the Greens in standing up to this pointless piece of red tape,” Mr Booth said.

“Congratulations to all of the industry and community members who fought with the Greens against this piece of rubbish red tape, which would have driven up the cost of panels and sent some solar companies to the wall.”

“It’s a victory for commonsense over pointless, bureaucratic over-reach.”

“Tasmanians should have the right to make improvements to their homes without always being mobbed by a posse of coupon clippers and bureaucrats.”

“Regulation is important, but commonsense needs to be the guiding principle.”
Kim Booth MP Greens Energy Spokesperson