Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, Senator Richard Colbeck, today recognised World Fisheries Day as an opportunity to celebrate Australia’s world-class fisheries.

Senator Colbeck said while many of the world’s fisheries were considered overfished by the United Nations, Australian fisheries were recognised among the best managed and most sustainable in the world.

He said the Coalition recognised the importance of Australian fisheries and had a policy to ensure the industry continued to be sustainable and profitable into the future.

“Australian fisheries are world-class and deserve to be supported by a Government that recognises the importance of the industry. The Coalition is committed to the future of the fisheries industry, starting by reducing the regulatory burdens Labor imposed on the fisheries sector,” Senator Colbeck said.

During question time today, Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce outlined the toll Labor’s toxic carbon tax had taken on the fishing industry and called on Labor to support the repeal of the carbon tax.

Senator Colbeck said the Coalition was committed to supporting the fisheries sector and cleaning up the mess that Labor created by imposing policies that imposed significant extra costs for hardworking fishers.

“We have a plan to repeal Labor’s toxic carbon tax which undermined the fisheries sector,” Senator Colbeck said.

Senator Colbeck said the fisheries industry played an important role by providing healthy food for Australian families, supporting regional jobs and looking after the marine environment.

He said the Coalition would ensure the Australian seafood industry continued to provide consumers with high quality sustainable seafood for many years to come.

Senator Colbeck encouraged Australian families to celebrate World Fisheries Day by enjoying Australian seafood for dinner.

“A simple way to ensure that your seafood is sustainably sourced is by making sure that you buy Australian seafood. By buying Australian you are helping our seafood industry and supporting jobs in regional communities,” he said.

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Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, Senator Richard Colbeck