On the day the coalition walked away from their commitment to deliver on the Gonski education reforms, Mr Nikolic and Mr Briggs spent the day talking up more promises they never intend to deliver on.

“It’s disappointing that Mr Nikolic wasted a day spruiking the divisive Tamar Valley pulp mill proposal with Mr Briggs instead of explaining why they’ve broken their promise to deliver on education reform. Investment in education is critical for the future of all Tasmanians and the parents and school children of Bass deserve better from their local representative.

“The new Government needs to come up with a better vision for Bass than their ideological obsession with the divisive Tamar Valley pulp mill proposal. There are so many amazing opportunities to invest in Tasmania including agriculture, tourism, research and development, tertiary education and clean energy just to name a few.

“This project is not financially viable and would return our community to conflict and a failed business model.

“It’s impossible to ‘de-risk’ the divisive Tamar Valley pulp mill proposal because there are so many risks on so many levels and that’s why no investor anywhere around the world has taken on this project.

“Tasmania has dodged a bullet with the pulp mill not proceeding and the community needs the anxiety and conflict buried for good,” he concluded.

Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson’s portfolios include Tourism, Trade, Small Business and Competition Policy, Waste and Tasmanian Marine issues.