Statement from Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

The Australia West Papua Association in Sydney congratulates Powes Parkop, the Governor of Port Moresby and the National Capital District on receiving the John Rumbiak Human Rights Defenders Award for 2013.

He will receive the award today, 27 November at a civil society forum at UPNG. The day after receiving the award Governor Parkop will host a meeting of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua.

The Award is given annually by the West Papua Advocacy Team to individuals or organisations in recognition of their work in support of West Papua. The award is in honour of John Rumbiak, a renowned champion of human rights for West Papuans who tragically suffered a debilitating stroke in 2005.

When AWPA was formed 20 years ago, Powes Parkop was already known internationally for his support of West Papua. In fact, Powes has been an activist for West Papua since he was in high school.

The award recognises his ongoing commitment to improve the human rights situation in West Papua. Governor Parkop, is also a member of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua and recently launched the “Sorong to Samarai Petition Campaign.”

“We (Papua New Guineans) are not responsible for the occupation of West Papua but we have a moral responsible to do something. We did not create the problem 50years ago but we have closed our eyes. For 50years have closed our ears. For 50years we have closed our mouth. We should not do this any more. We have a moral responsibility to help our brothers and sisters on the other side of the border. I encourage you all to join this campaign and support the people of West Papua. I believe West Papua will be free in my life time.”

Powes Parkop

We warmly congratulate Powes on his award and his ongoing commitment to bring the issue of West Papua to the attention of both the PNG Government and the international community.


1) Three Journalists Persecution Police , Jayapura police chief apologises
2) Demo KNPB In Jayapura : 28 People Arrested , Three Among Women
3) Photos & Kronology Action KNPB Mnukwar
4) Police Disband Demo KNPB Biak
5) Although the People’s Police and Demo Yahukimo Regent Prohibit Yahokimo

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1) Three Journalists Persecution Police , Jayapura police chief apologizes
Published On Tuesday , November 26, 2013
By Arnold Belau . Under : PAPUA , EDITOR OPTIONS . Tags : DEMONSTRATION , JOURNALISTS , Military / Police

Jayapura City police chief , Alfred Papare . ( Photo ; ARNOLD / Belau / SP )

PAPUAN , Jayapura – Related intimidation Jayapura City Police officers to three journalist , while covering the demonstration in West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) , this afternoon , Tuesday ( 11/26/2013 ) , in Waena , Jayapura , Papua , received responses from Jayapura police chief , Chief . Alfred Papare , S.Ik.

Papare said he did not know of his men who intimidate journalists for reporting in the field.

” Indeed, on this occasion I apologize if any of my members who intimidate journalists in the field this afternoon . Because of the situational intimidation alone . because people who do not know what – something that is becoming a victim , “said Papare to reporters this afternoon , at the National Housing Authority III , Waena .

Deputy Police Chief of Papua , Paul Waterpauw , when dikonfimasi by reporters at Dian Harapan Hospital during a visit terehadap clash victims of mass KNPB , who is being treated at the hospital said that he Akkan clarify the matter further .

” In this regard we ask for clarification when the victims are intimidated by our subordinates . After that we’ll follow further , “said Waterpauw told reporters .

As reported previously , several workshops and national media journalists suffered intimidation from police officers , exactly behind the administrative court offices , Waena , Jayapura .

The three local journalists suffered intimidation Papua , namely , Aprila wiring ( ) , Micelle Gobay ( SKH torch Papua ) , and Arnold Belau ( ) , as well as a national reporter , Alvarez Oru Maga ( Reuters ) .

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2) Demo KNPB In Jayapura : 28 People Arrested , Three Among Women
Published On Tuesday , November 26, 2013 By Oktovianus Pogau . Under : PAPUA , EDITOR OPTIONS . Tags : DEMONSTRATION , KNPB , Military / Police

Police officers forcibly disperse the mob action , and arrested dozens of people ( Photo : Arnold Belau / SP )
PAPUAN , Jayapura – peaceful demonstrations held West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) , this afternoon , Tuesday ( 26/11/2013 ) at the Museum Culture Expo , Waena , Jayapura , Papua , led to the arrest of dozens of activists by Jayapura City Police officers .

Arnold Belau , reporters in Jayapura reports , police initially disperse the mass majority of the action in front of the New Uncen Campus , Housing III , and forcibly arrest 8 mass action , ie , ogram Wanimbo , Assa Asso , Sam Lokobal , Meminda Sol , Konoru Wenda , Bonsa Mirin , and including the Secretary General KNPB , Suhun Ones .

Later , officials also continued sweeping operations and Cultural Museum , Exo , Waena , and conduct mass arrests of dozens of acts who have gathered to worship .

Olga Hamadi , a human rights lawyer ( HAM ) Papua assist the victims in custody Jayapura Police Station explained , the amount of mass action is arrested 28 people , three of them women .

” Most of them can look at from the police , because there is a section above the swollen eye and blood . There were swollen lips and mouth were injured remove blood . They all gathered in the courtyard Police , some in front of the Police custody , “said Hamadi .

However , further Hamadi , until now there has been inspected , because according to some police , investigators were in the field , and has not returned to the Jayapura Police Station .

” I am also not allowed to meet the detained activists . The reason leaders and investigators in the field so they should not be approached first . So I have not been able to record their names well , ” he said .

The intent and purpose of the action was held earlier , namely , the first to support the opening of the OPM office in Port Moresby on December 1, 2013.

Second , support meetings between IPWP and ILWP , as well as PNG parliament to be conducted in Port Moresby from November 25 to 28 November.

And third , to support the plan the arrival of foreign ministers from each member state representatives MSG to Jakarta and Papua .

Oktovianus POGAU
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3) Photos & Kronology Action KNPB Mnukwar
November 26, 2013 By : admin Category : KNPB Region , News

Mnukwar , KNPBnews – People in West Papua today Mnukwar down the streets demanding the right of self-determination . The action also supports the opening of a campaign office in PNG Papua . The following chronology of the action .
Chronology of Peace Action Demo KNPB Mnukwar region 26 November 2013
West Papua National Committee ( KNPB ) Mnukwar region began in the political speeches on November 26 , 2013, KNPB started doing speeches with the

People of Papua West Papua wpb start at 08.00 until 09.00 and a messenger came from the chief of memberitaukan that if the action would KNPB longmars fixed period of action will then be dissolved by force .
KNPB Chairman Alexander Nekenem said that according to preliminary talks Manokwari Police office said that the police chief would KNPB please do longmars but why the sudden change in accordance with the talks would forcibly disperse !

At 90.30 hours , a period of the next action front campus state university campus Papua under a banyan tree goes well , the oration oration KNPB appeal to the people of West Papua to support opm office opening in PNG and Vanuatu Government thanks for presenting any political issue in the trial west Papua the annual United Nations and west Papua register to MSG goes well , and the action began at 10.00 times till next road while giving speeches UNIPA campus near the mosque .

In accordance with the attitude of Manokwari police chief who will disperse the KNPB action period , KNPB Mnukwar take action in the streets with banners unfurled while giving speeches chief negotiator with KNPB go meet with the chief of Manokwari that which has reduced its personnel by barracuda car that will be ready to forcibly disperse future negotiators and KNPB chairman negotiates Manokwari police chief kept clean but hard that remains will dissolve longmars action .

After that period KNPB Mnukwar action that has occupied the street with banners unfurled from the road next to the road next keruas again while making political speeches and events will run opened with a prayer by a member under KNPB and political speeches Prominent representatives of student youth society , Women Representative of Papua and political oration KNPB chairman once read political stegmen West Papua by the People’s represented by one member KNPB .
Once again the political speeches of the people’s parliament this area represent is by parliamentary secretary Rafael Natkime , and speeches berlanjud 14.30 to arrive at political speeches and a whole series of activities concluded with a closing prayer .

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4) Police Disband Demo KNPB Biak
November 26, 2013 By : admin Category : KNPB Region , News

Biak , KNPBnews – Indonesian police in Biak issued a ban on the activities carried out KNPB Biak and Biak membuarkan KNPB mass . Kepolidian apparatus with full powers to prohibit and disperse KNPB action plan .

KNPB Biak scheduled to hold events in the Hall of prayer to support Indigenous Sorido visit Benny Wenda in PNG , to thank the Church Council of the Pacific and expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister of Vanuatu faithful raise the issue of West Papua in the International Forum was banned by the police .
We have sent a letter to inform the police of this activity , but the police responded to our letter and states prohibit KNPB Biak to conduct prayer support for these activities lead to the disintegration of the Indonesian nation .
Apollos Sroyer Police say more duluh directing his troops to take control and blockade kegiata location . So that the masses of people who came to attend the prayers and support it diancaman dissolved .
Further Apollos Sroyer very sorry to say that excessive police action in which the right of freedom of assembly , association and expression is forbidden and stocks. ( Kumeser )

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5) Although the People’s Police and Demo Yahukimo Regent Prohibit Yahokimo
November 26, 2013 By : admin Category : KNPB Region , News

Yahokimo , KNPBnews – Suitable Plan Yahukimo KNPB has mediated Yahukimo people down the street demanding self -determination and support the agenda of the launch of Free West Papua Campaign Office in Port Moresby , PNG . Actions performed in Home & Commercial Regional Son Yahukimo .

Demonstration KNPB Yahukimo was conducted under escort and the Indonesian military threat . One of the Papua Police Mobile Brigade SSK , a military platoon from Wamena District Military Command , 15 members of Kopassus Jakarta , Which Ones brought in as chairman of the Committee Pahabol Assembly GIDI to 17 , in backing up the police of Police Resort sejumlaj Dekai Yahukimo blockading action coordinator and a number of mass at the intersection of New Market Dekai .

Homeland military blockade action against future action in Yahukimo , We did this at the behest of the Regent blockade Yahukimo , Pahabol Ones who also chairs the Assembly Committee on Regional GIDI to 17 Yahukimo . The reason Ones ordered the military to disband Homeland in Yahukimo KNPB peaceful protest , because we ( the Church Committee & GIDI ) there was a trial so people should not be doing activities including public expression . Obviously , Kapolresi Yahukimo , Ap Eliakin when negotiating with Regional Chairman Yahukimo Niton Kobak in front of the Church GIDI Epanhastia .

Field Coordinator effort that peaceful demonstrations 25 November 2013 is still being done finally paid off . Although Government ( Pahabol Ones ) , the Committee and the Police of the Police Yahukimo but does not allow the Church in order to allow the Chairman of Regional Yahukimo keep doing demonstrations .

After hearing the chairman of the region , Eliakim Ap Police Yahukimo give just one hour deadline time is at 09.00 – 10.45 . KNPB judging by the time police chief limitation is the restriction of the democratic space because since Nov. 22, two days before doing the demonstration KNPB already input notification to the police Resort Dekai .

And for no reason KNPB Police restrict demonstrations on the grounds GIDI Assembly Church , because the Church speak of humanity but the church does not care about humanity , the church let the military entered the church in the cage to kill his people . KNPB talk kemansiaan , and humanity not only selingkup Papua Yahukimo but universal humanity . was any reason why keep doing KNPB demonstration . clear field coordinator RW & JS .

Although such a relatively short time and with the threat of military force Homeland well combined military / police , Brimob and Kopassus yet provide support to the People’s Yahukoimo IPWP – ILWP meeting on 27-29 November 2013 in Moresby , PNG .
Joe Collins on behalf of AWPA (Sydney)