Are Adam Brooks’ Days Numbered?

The Tasmanian Greens today queried whether the announcement that Roger Jaensch is running for the Liberals in Braddon means the Liberals are rethinking their position on the Tarkine and climate change.

Greens Member for Braddon, Paul O’Halloran MP, said Mr Jaensch was an inaugural member of the state’s Climate Action Council which Will Hodgman has promised to abolish.

“The calibre of people such as Roger Jaensch seeking public office is welcome, but it does raise questions over how his views fit the agenda of Will Hodgman’s Liberals trying to drag Tasmania back with their last-century views,” Mr O’Halloran said.

“Under the stewardship of Mr Jaensch the Cradle Coast Authority has invested much time and energy into building the Tarkine brand for the north-west region and local economies.”

“How does this fit with Adam Brooks’ negativity with his childish ‘so-called’ rhetoric attempting to undermine the Tarkine brand?”

“How does Roger Jaensch’s commitment to tackling climate change fit with Will Hodgman’s plan to abolish the Climate Action Council of which Mr Jaensch was an inaugural member?”

“How does Mr Jaensch fit with a Liberal Party which voted on masse to reject marriage equality, and other progressive reforms?”

“If Mr Jaensch is a good fit for a more progressive Liberal Party, then clearly Adam Brooks with his dig it up, chop it down approach must now be a bad fit.”

“Many Tasmanians will be hoping that Mr Jaensch’s pre-selection foreshadows a softening of the Liberals’ last century thinking on climate change and the Tarkine, and will welcome the opportunity to send a message to Mr Brooks via the ballot box.”

Paul O’Halloran MP Greens Member for Braddon