The Tasmanian Greens today condemned the latest Liberal Party proposal to “de-risk” the failed Tamar Valley Pulp Mill project using taxpayers’ money.

Greens Forestry spokesperson Kim Booth MP said the proposal from Regional Development Assistant Minister Jamie Briggs was especially unsavoury in light of Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s threats to slash education funding.

“The Liberals are effectively proposing siphoning money out of Tasmanian schools and into a project that would be an economic and environmental disaster in the Tamar Valley,” Mr Booth said.

“Will Hodgman needs to rule out taking this seriously bad advice from his federal counterparts.”

“It is notionally insane that any government would propose taking on the financial risk for a project that has demonstrably failed to achieve interest from investors.”

“Worse still, they are proposing not only transferring the financial risk but the environmental and health risks on to the public.”

“Taxpayers’ money should be prioritised for looking after public health, education and schools, not providing financial guarantees to the Liberal Party’s rich industry mates and cronies.”

“Mr Nicolic should be reminded that not only was the project financially unviable, is opposed by the majority of Tasmanians who were outraged at the corrupt approval process.”

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