The Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said the Liberals’ effort to stall debate on political campaign expenditure laws was an abuse of the democratic process, and an elitist attempt to keep everyday Tasmanians away from political life.

“The Liberals are playing silly buggers by trying to drag out this debate and waste as much time as possible in the hope that Parliament simply runs out of time,” Mr McKim said.

“It is a stupid media stunt, and it’s typical of Will Hodgman’s desperate need to be seen on the television news every night waving his arms around and wasting time in Parliament.”

“The real reason the Liberals are unhappy about these laws is that they will restrict the ability of extremely rich people to spend their way into political office, and to stay there as long as they want.”

“They are basically running scared from an equal playing field being in place for the next election.”

“Success in politics should never be about the size of your bank balance, but about the strength of your vision.”

“This is the first time Will Hodgman has shown any real conviction about anything, and all he is doing is defending his right to churn out endless boring glossy pamphlets and scary-sounding television ads.”

“The Liberals don’t want a genuine contest of ideas, because they have none, and instead they want to pay expensive ad agency spin doctors to cook up boring slogans in focus groups.”

“The Liberals might think politics should be the sole province of the rich and well-heeled, but the Greens have a more positive and inclusive vision for our democracy.”

“The Greens have been pushing for campaign expenditure reform for many years, and we’re not about to give up because will Hodgman thinks he has a right to spend his way into Government.”
Nick McKim MP Greens Leader