The Tasmanian Greens said that the Legislative Council should do the work necessary to be ready to debate its backlog of Bills, then President Jim Wilkinson should sit down with Premier Lara Giddings and discuss the impasse.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said many stakeholders would be distressed that legislation they have worked hard for over recent years has been left in limbo by the Legislative Council’s decision to adjourn until March next year.

“Tasmania deserves to see some leadership here, and as long as the Legislative Council is prepared to knuckle down and actually do the work, there is no reason why the logjam can’t be cleared,” Mr McKim said.

“If MLCs are genuine about wanting more time to hold stakeholder briefings and consider the Bills, they should be starting work on it first thing Monday morning.”

“Once that work is done, Mr Wilkinson should sit down with the Premier and negotiate a way through the impasse.”

“Community stakeholders who have campaigned for these reforms deserve to have their legislation considered by the Upper House.”

“The Bill to return land to the Aboriginal people has been with the Upper House for 18 months, and there is no excuse for it not to be debated by this parliament.”

“There is also legislation to improve management of our world class reserves, provide more legal options for asbestos victims, and strengthen the Police Offences Act.”

“The challenge now for the Legislative Council is to do the work, hold the stakeholder briefings they said they needed before debating Bills, and free up the backlog,” Mr McKim said.

Nick McKim MP Greens Leader