The Tasmanian Ethiopian Association is very concerned about the human rights violations currently occurring in Saudi Arabia.

Over 23,000 Ethiopian immigrants have been thrown out and left in desert areas without shelter or water and some have been taken to unknown detention centres without essential necessities.

There have been evictions, children separated from parents, peoplebrutally beaten and jailed, pregnant women forced to give birth without proper medication and sanitation, women raped and there have also been reports of killings by security forces.

We are asking the Tasmanian community to join us at a Rally

Friday 29 November 2013
Parliament House Lawns
10am – 12pm-Media invited at 11.45am

To urge the Tasmanian Parliament to speak on our behalf to the Federal Government to raise this human rights violation with Saudi Arabia to:

Stop the human rights violations of innocent Ethiopian immigrants in Saudi Arabia

Allow humanitarian groups such as Red Cross, UNHCR and other organisations to enter Saudi Arabia to help the people in need.

Demandaccurate information about the situation and justice for the killing, beating and raping of the innocent.
AdaneTasaw for the Tasmanian Ethiopian Association