• A note from a reader: This is a classic Linz! FT has managed to reveal ALL email addresses of those that presumably replied to their appeal for commentary on their behaviour/profile/performance etc some weeks ago – whether you wished your email to be revealed or not. Now that’s Stakeholder Management and Inclusion = NOT!!! Ed: TT is, of course, too much of a gentle lady to reveal those on the mailout … but it makes interesting reading …

The MR:

Forestry Tasmania today announced details of its Forest Stewardship Council® certification project, and invited its stakeholders to share the journey.

CEO Steve Whiteley said FT was seeking the highest level of FSC certification for all forests under its long term management control.

“We will be seeking FSC Forest Management certification for all native forest areas under our management control, as well as eligible plantations – those converted agricultural land before November 1994 or from agricultural land.

“We will be seeking Controlled Wood certification for plantations converted from native forests since November 1994.”

Mr Whiteley said international certification body SCS Global Services (SCS) had been appointed auditor for the project.

FT will be assessed by the SCS audit team against:

• The SCS Interim Standard for Natural Forest and Plantation Forest Management Certification in Australia under the Forest Stewardship Council, for Forest Management areas
• The international FSC Controlled Wood Standard for Forest Management Enterprises, FSC-STD-30-010, for Controlled Wood areas.

Mr Whiteley said FT already holds and intends to maintain forest certification from the International Standards Organisation and the Australian Forestry Standard/Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

“We are committed to also seeking and hopefully achieving FSC certification because:

• We want to be recognised and respected by stakeholders, customers, end users and the community for best-practice management
• It is a commercial priority needed to maximise market access and minimise market barriers, and
• It is a durability requirement established by the Tasmanian Parliament under the Tasmanian Forest Agreement Act 2013.

“We are making every effort to meet the high standards necessary to obtain FSC certification, including building our relations with all of our stakeholders and the community. We are inviting our stakeholders to be part of the FSC journey with us.

“There will be a number of opportunities for stakeholders to have their say. The project requires us to develop both a High Conservation Value (HCV) Management Plan and a new Forest Management Plan for the forests under our control.

“We will be providing opportunities for stakeholder engagement in both those projects, as well as the overall FSC project.”

Mr Whiteley said stakeholders would also be directly involved in the FSC audit process.

“SCS will be conducting both a pre-assessment audit around April next year, and a full FSC Forest Management assessment and Controlled Wood audit late next year.

“Stakeholders will be invited directly by the auditors to offer input in both of those audits.

“We will make every effort to meet the requirement under the TFA Act to achieve FSC certification by April 2015.

“We have established a dedicated team to drive the project, which has been identified by the Board as a strategic priority for the business.”
Forestry Tasmania