“Today’s passage of the Reproductive Health Bill in the Legislative Council (9:5) may actually lead to poorer health for Tasmanian women,” FamilyVoice Tasmania state officer Jim Collins said today.

Many people do not seem to know that our current law already allows abortion right through pregnancy – as long as two doctors agree and the woman receives specialist counselling about the risks of abortion compared with giving birth,” Mr Collins said.

“This new bill does not require counselling about the risks – even though peer-reviewed, longitudinal research now shows that those risks can be significant.

“There is no clause protecting women who feel pressured by partners or parents to abort their baby. Yet such women are likely to suffer significant mental health problems later on,” he said.

“I thank Tony Mulder, Leonie Hiscutt, Rosemary Armitage, Adriana Taylor and Ivan Dean for voting against this legislation.

“As Tony Mulder has pointed out, the bill decriminalises abortion – but criminalises well-grounded medical or conscientious objection to the destruction of unborn human babies. There is no freedom of conscience or proper informed consent.

“It is disturbing to think that Tasmanian doctors who decline to give a list of abortionists to a woman who wants to abort for sex-selection reasons could face deregistration, as is already happening in Victoria .”
FamilyVoice Tasmania state officer Jim Collins