SYDNEY | It is the third day that Malaysian citizens have occupied the headquarters of Australian rare earth miner, Lynas Corporation.

Wong Tack, chairman, Himpunan Hijau (Green Assembly) said, “We have set up our protest camp right on the doorstep of the companies head quarters.”

“We will stay here until the Lynas Annual General meeting of shareholders this coming Friday the 29th November. More Malaysians will fly into Sydney on the 28th November to join us.”

The Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) is located 2km from a residential area of 30,000 people and some 25km from Kuantan potentially putting 700,000 people directly at risk from many toxic leaks and emissions. A by-product of the plant is radioactive thorium (Th). Exposure to Thorium can cause cancer posing serious risks to workers at the LAMP and surrounding communities, flora and fauna.

“Our purpose here is to send the strongest message to Lynas’ management and investors that we will never let go of our struggle until the Lynas plant in Gebeng is SHUT DOWN!”

In the month of August 2013, Himpunan Hijau launched the ‘Bury Lynas with 1,000,000 signatures’ petition campaign. They achieved their target of 1 million signatures in just 36 days. To-date, 1.2 million Malaysians have signed the petition.

“Our petition clearly demonstrates the strong determination and commitment of Malaysians to shut down Lynas advanced material plant,” stated Mr Wong Tack

“Lynas operates it’s plant with violations of rules, regulations and safe practices. Such incompetent, irresponsible and immoral acts cannot be tolerated.”

“The health of Innocent fishermen and villagers, including women and children is at risk. Their livelihoods are being jeopardised by bad business from Lynas who has no social licence to operate.”

“Most importantly, radioactive pollution does not just affect people of this generation, but for generations to come. On the grounds of humanity, no one should be a bystander on this issue”.

Lynas, an Australian Corporation Exporting a Toxic Legacy

Mr. Wong Tack, Chairman, Himpunan Hijau