The Governor-General, Her Excellency Quentin Bryce AC CVO has breached constitutional convention by publicly expressing personal views on sensitive political matters, Mr Guy Barnett, Liberal Candidate for Lyons said today.

“The Governor General has overstepped the mark and undermined the role of the Governor General.

“She has put herself at odds with the position of the Prime Minister and the government. She has publicly expressed support for the position of her son-in-Law, the Hon Bill Shorten Leader of the federal Opposition, on the issue of a republic and same-sex marriage.

Speaking out in this way is clearly untenable. If she wants to speak out she should resign or wait until her term has concluded.

“The role of the Governor General is to unite, not divide Australia. The Governor General should act in an impartial and unbiased manner, and to always act on the advice of her government. Her public intervention on two sensitive political issues make it almost inconceivable that she can fulfil her role appropriately and with dignity.

“The term of the Governor-General concludes in March 2014. Whatever one’s view on sensitive political topics such as a republic and same-sex marriage her intervention in support of one side will antagonise many in the community.

What is the next issue on which she will speak out?

There is now a good deal of scepticism about her role.

All Australians should have confidence in the Governor General but her actions have now undermined that confidence, Mr Barnett concluded.

Mr Barnett, lawyer was Chair of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee.
Mr Guy Barnett, Liberal Candidate for Lyons