The Tasmanian Greens today welcomed the official passage into State law of nation-leading measures to phase out the production of caged-hen eggs and sow-stall pork in Tasmania.

Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said the passage of the animal welfare regulations through the Parliament was finalised this week, with the withdrawal of a disallowance motion in the Upper House.

“These regulations will lead to a significant improvement in animal welfare practices in Tasmania’s poultry and pork industries,” Ms O’Connor said.

“The regulations set out a clear path for the total phase-out of cage hens, and a ban on sow stalls being implemented.”

“The changes are far from perfect, and they are not an immediate fix for all the animal welfare issues facing the poultry and pork industries, but they are nevertheless a significant improvement.”

“The Greens remain firmly committed to a cruelty-free industry, and we know that changing consumer preferences will soon make this inevitable.”

“The Greens policy remains for a complete ban on battery hens and sow stalls, and we will continue to fight for the voiceless animals who fall victim to cruelty, abuse and exploitation.”

Cassy O’Connor MP Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson